Stretching the Ribbon



Thank you, Melanie motherofnine9


Anita Finlay

for sharing the Fabulous Blog Ribbon award with me!

I agree to:

1. Thank the blogger who gave it to me and share the link back to her awarding blog.  [See above.]

2. Name five fabulous moments in my life.

3. Name five things that I love.

4. Name five things that I hate.

5. Pass the award on to five deserving bloggers.

Five fabulous moments:

My husband saying his wedding vows to me.

Both my children’s births.

Moving in to our renovated vintage cottage six years ago.

Getting my first book contract.

Getting my most recent book contract!

Five things I love:

My husband and children.

Everafter Cottage.

My day job as a Managing Editor, which still challenges me and keeps me growing.

Getting to write books on the side.  And having time to read!

Our community of friends at St. Mary’s.

Five things I hate:

Fleas!  When a beloved pet is gone and the fleas are looking for a home and jump on us!

Thunder when I’m working on the computer and have to turn it off.

Black ice (invisible) on the road, a twisty mountain two-laner necessary to get us down the mountain.

When I lose email messages and don’t realize it and someone is trying to reach me (which has happened too often lately).

When my husband forgets his cell phone and I can’t reach him on the road!

Five deserving bloggers to whom I pass on this award:

AND [Honorary]

PLUS five more honored bloggers:

You are all so deserving!



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  1. Isabel: I am so flattered to receive the Stretching the Ribbon award from you. That, along with being a part of a group of such creative and compelling writers has really made my day, week and month. WOW!! Thank you for thinking of me in such a nice way.

    Is there something that I need to do too?

    Take care and know that this truly means a lot.

  2. Fleas! I hope they don’t find us when the time come for our dog, Fluffy to go 😦
    I don’t like it when I can’t reach my hubby either, which is not too often–mostly he was trying to reach me 🙂
    You have such a lovely life! Glad to know you.
    Thanks for informing me about the award which I wasn’t aware of.

  3. Angela, it’s wonderful to know you, too! Thanks so much for stopping by. Love that you share your life and your wonderful trips with us. Look forward to reading your “Ribbon” responses, and congrats again! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, Isabel! I love the idea of this award, and your constant sharing, loving spirit. Truly grateful that you have included me in this list of bloggers, and happy to be your bloggy friend! 🙂

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