Z Is for Zing



Zing [I like this definition best] refers to: “an enjoyably exciting or stimulating quality.”

With the final letter Z, I’ve come to the end of my blog Alphabetarium—which I began less than a year ago with A Is for Attitude http://www.blogher.com/attitude

What, really, IS Zing? A subjective, personal, intriguing promise inherent in a simple four-letter word. BUT Zing is one of those qualities about which we can say: You’ll know it when you encounter it (or embody it)!

Late last March, when I was blogging on BlogHer.com, I considered what it would mean to have a “frame” or pre-set form that would allow me to fill it in with words. A blogging template, so to speak. A plan to prod me to just DO IT! To write pieces regularly and in some sort of order …

That’s when I decided to try this scheme of a series of blogs based on consecutive letters of the alphabet. I really had to stretch when it came to finding a word that began with X … ! https://isabelanders.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/x-is-for-xenial/

I hope that my word studies, short personal essays suggested by these various words—into which I gathered quotes and related thoughts—have had a bit of Zing for some of my readers.

The writing exercise itself often required a surge of Zest from me. And I can say that my genuine love of words and their meanings carried me through—along with a desire to complete the A-Z experiment.

French novelist Gustave Flaubert said about the excruciating limits of words: “Human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while longing to make music that will melt the stars.”

So if even a few bears somewhere in cyberspace are dancing in response, I’ll rejoice in feeling that unmistakable Zing of a task completed.

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